Cool Tech Gadgets for your Travel Adventures

Cool Gadgets for Travel: The Consumer Electronics Show by Paul & Teresa Lowe The big CES show has come and gone now it's time to try the latest gadgets on the road. There's no need to wish for the proverbial someday to arrive and wait in line for the future's next greatest thing. Ready for orders right now are some truly mind blowing travel gadgets and devices that were seen at the Consumer Electronics Show- Wow, what an event! A few notable gadgets to share with you. The Ve

An RUV is a great way to see the USA! Joshua Tree National Park -Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TB

Chassis angles and laminate exterior designs suggesting fluid motion as you drive along the highway are on display with the new Gemini 23TB model RUV ( It's indeed smart looking upon first sight. The folks at Thor Motorcoach Company in Indiana seem to have designed this coach with couples and small families in mind. The size makes it this Recreational Utility Vehicle easy to maneuver and there's a lot of interior space. This 23 feet long ro

Calistoga Getaways

by Paul and Teresa Lowe ‘Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself’ (Zen Proverb). Life at a charming relaxing pace seems to come easily for Calistoga. (, ( ). Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or you’re a year-round resident, while moving through Calistoga there is something that seems to envelop your soul. There is little chance of escaping wha

Tesla Model X-Tesloop One Tank/Charge Getaways

Tesla Model X Review - Tesloop Car Service Review- One Tank/Charge Getaways by Paul & Teresa Lowe Like the Model S Tesla electric car the Model X matches up well when running along side conventional combustion engine cars on the highway. The Model X has wing doors and is also stylish. It is very quick and out performs many high end model SUVs and some sports cars. During a couple of 'Tesloop' runs (car service, not associated with Tesloop) from Hawthorne to Palm Springs, Cali