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Cool Tech Gadgets for your Travel Adventures

Cool Gadgets for Travel: The Consumer Electronics Show

by Paul & Teresa Lowe

The big CES show has come and gone now it's time to try the latest gadgets on the road. There's no need to wish for the proverbial someday to arrive and wait in line for the future's next greatest thing. Ready for orders right now are some truly mind blowing travel gadgets and devices that were seen at the Consumer Electronics Show- Wow, what an event! A few notable gadgets to share with you.

The Vert Trainer talks with you about your body temperature, movement and even hydration suggestions. If you enjoy getting in a little exercise while vacationing this may work for you.

(1) One of the more unique must have items is the Bluesmart carry-on airline luggage bag. After handling the bag it seems to be quite practical, light weight (9 pounds ) and durable. It's not only sized right but can charge a cell phone and computer on the go by built in USB ports. The TSA and airline approved bag even weighs your internal contents to meet airline guidelines. This remote locking bag also tells you of its location via your cell phone (with available app) should you accidentally leave it in a cab on in a hotel, or the airlines looses it! The bag by the San Francisco based company Blue Smart could possibly change the way you view luggage. This is one to keep an eye on.

(2) Lithium-ion cell phone batteries still can't yet keep up with demands of many travelers on the go but the folks at the company have a cool fix for battery drain. This must try gadget is a truly wireless re-charging device for your phone. What's unique about the product is that it works with both charging systems, the Qi and the PMA and there are no charging strings/wires attached in the process. Did you know that there are two non compatible international wireless charging systems? Well, now you know.

(3) When you want a more relaxing time during travel, why not indulge yourself with a tiny device that tailors the sounds of your daily environment or favorite music to enhance your personal hearing range. The Aumeo Audio device permits you to sample a sound and then fill in tonal range gaps or take away distracting white noise giving you a pure audible experience--it's like hearing a burst of a sound rainbow. You truly won't believe what you've NOT been hearing in your!

(4) Many headphones these days are small and sound terrific. There's only one problem. When you wear most brands your ears are covered or the unit buds plug quite snugly into your ear canal. This makes it almost impossible to hear your surroundings. There is a new technology fix that challenge. Hearing your favorite tunes wearing the AfterShokz creates a great out of this world sound experience by way of facial bone conduction. You get full fidelity, vibration sound-around, while keeping safe awareness of your environment. When traveling, being aware of your surroundings sometimes can be crucial. Hearing music or sound in this manner is quite different but awesome! This item is very wallet friendly!

(5) When it comes to having your wits about you while traveling there's nothing like having plenty of rest. Good sleep is imperative to our overall health. The folks with the Los Angeles area company Sleepace have an small device that helps creates room lighting and darkening ambiance for sound sleeping. The Sleepace unit also simulates the light colors of the morning sun along and peaceful tones for a gradual and rejuvenating start to your day. Gone will be that sudden heart jarring sound of a traditional alarm clock. This unit also tracks and monitors your breathing and suggests sleeping pattern modifications. After seeing the Sleepace capabilities, this device is one that'll likely have you saying, “ I gotta get one of these.”

A reminder about travel, DON'T loose the moments of the adventure through technology. Enjoy and Appreciate!

A dazzling display of technology and creative genius in the aisles and halls of the La Vegas Convention Center and several hotels conference rooms in January (6th-9th). Yes there are new visually dazzling HDR (High Definition Resolution) TV's and some even with two sided viewing. There are also wild looking drones and intelligent interactive robots with 4k cameras and even computer tablet like membranes that flip, fold and contort to slide into your pocket. They are not the only stars of the show.

More Cool Gadgets for Travel

Planning can be everything when traveling for a fun and successful for business trip or vacation. But sometimes the best plans can be thrown into chaos by a sudden bout of nausea, motion sickness or fatigue caused by hours and hours of travel. There's no need to only reach for a pill. A new technology called the Relief Band by the company Relief Band Technologies LLC cl says to have just the fix. You wear the tiny gadget on your wrist like a watch. When the uncomfortable feeling starts you tap the watch device and you receive a mild but stimulating pulse of electricity. It not only relieves the nausea but can monitor body vitals signs. The makers of Relief Band say it'll have you back on track in a matter of moments.

Traveling to a cold weather destination? You can keep warm and play your favorite tunes while wearing a rather stylish cap. The folks with Caseco in Canada have embedded a high definition sound system inside the head gear. This device is supper light weight, folds down pocket size and is designed to give you a high tech concert sound while jogging or skiing or traveling. What's cool about this device is that you can still hear the environment around you. Crowds gathered around their booth suggests this is a hit item. The device is also really wallet friendly.

When you're traveling have you ever wondered how many miles you walk while in airports, train depots on aboard cruise ships? A creation by The Digitsole company can answer that question for you with precision and do a lot more. Makers of the Digitsole say your feet slip into comfortable-like walking on pillows. The device tracks your heart beat, exertion levels and warm your feet in cold weather. Ladies this technology even works with your most fashionable heels... we're told there's a comfortable fit even the most fashionable shoes.

Traveling from town to town or country to country, the changing weather and fluctuating humidity levels and occasional stress can take a toll on your skin...causing dryness and sometimes irritations. Walking the halls and isles of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) a company, Foreo, garnered a lot of attention and a sizable crowd, when it demonstrated the new Luna mini 2 for men and women. It is a product that offers what it says are solutions to environment and overall skin protection especially while on the road. Makers of the Foreo Luna mini 2 device say it's the real world answer to improving absorption of skin creams that are critical to nourishing healthy skin in any environment, and possibly the last cleansing brush you will need. Handling the device and others on display was rather cool. The silicon based products offer a rather exhilarating stimulate and then subtle message to the skin. We're told it's meant for better circulation and ultimately skin repair. The company says that the Iris illuminating Eye Massager also works to help relieve the tired eye look and relieve sinus pressure with the double tap, that mimics a great eye facial. Perfect for relief from the “Tired Travelers Eye look!”. How does it all feel- incredible! This product is wallet friendly.


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