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Tesla Model X-Tesloop One Tank/Charge Getaways

Tesla Model X Review - Tesloop Car Service Review- One Tank/Charge Getaways by Paul & Teresa Lowe

Like the Model S Tesla electric car the Model X matches up well when running along side conventional combustion engine cars on the highway. The Model X has wing doors and is also stylish. It is very quick and out performs many high end model SUVs and some sports cars.

During a couple of 'Tesloop' runs (car service, not associated with Tesloop) from Hawthorne to Palm Springs, California the Model X proved itself as a fun and smooth riding, four door cross-over size car. It moved from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds.

The Model X Tesla operates atop high powered lithium-ion batteries with a range of just under 300 miles per charge. An electric motor at each axle provides four wheel drive, speed and strong power. This model has ample space for four adult passengers and a driver as well as a lot of luggage room in both the front and rear.

The Model X offers the latest driver assist technology. The Model X's autonomous electronics lock onto a car ahead of it and the lane markers for steering and control. This however is not a perfected technology yet. Along some curves in the carpool lanes or dips in the highway the auto tracking becomes less than reliable. That's when a “hold the wheel” indicator lights up the control panel. 'Tesloop' pilots (human drivers) say safety is paramount and they always hold the wheel and pay close attention to the road and traffic conditions.

One Tank or One Charge Getaways

If the idea of not driving yourself or taking a crowded flight to Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego or Palm Springs while being eco-concious is appealing to you, the 'Tesloop' car service just might be a cool way to travel. Tesloop's city to city travel service costs about 60 percent less than flying.

While being driven to your getaway complementary amenities are offered aboard the Model X Tesla car; Wi-Fi, beverages, healthy snacks, music or noise canceling headphones, pillows or conversation with another passenger. You're also assigned a mobile concierge attendant and pilot who helps guide you along your journey. Tesloop's runs are typically 100 to 200 miles one way.

Tesloop Ride ($-$$). Tesla Model X ($100,000.00 - plus)

(National Drive Electric Week – September 10th -18th )


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