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Technology for A Passionate Baker – The World of TV Producer Rushion McDonald

By Paul & Teresa Lowe – – November 20th 2017

The holiday season and thoughts of dinner parties can often spark a special excitement for a lot of folks, but not so for many others. Dinner parties and family gatherings can mean a lot of work and mess in the kitchen, especially when it comes to preparing baking treats-cakes, pies, cookies, and other desserts. Two times Emmy Award-winning TV producer Rushion McDonald says not to worry…time-saving baking help is here. He says even newbies can bake like a pro in no time with a little help from ‘Perfect Bake Smart Scale.’ (

McDonald says if you can imagine measuring, to perfection, all the correct ingredients to bake a delicious peach cobbler or pink/red velvet cupcakes in minutes without making a mess of your kitchen wouldn’t life be grand? Rushion, a former executive producer of the “Steve Harvey” talk show and Consulting Producer of  “Syndicated Family Feud,” says he’s confident anyone can bake well, even if he or she has never baked anything before with just a little help from the Smart Scale and its apps.

Few things in life can make your tummy do a happy dance quite like brown sugar monkey bread, buttery sweet potato pie or baked banana pudding, so says Rushion McDonald. Dessert lovers can download a free video series, to gobble up and seemingly enjoying the more than two dozen recipes of McDonald’s new baking bonanza partnership with makers of the ‘Perfect Bake Smart Scale.’ (


McDonald is now, in the opinion of some pastry chefs and colleagues, a superb baker and is passionate about baking desserts. He has won several regional and national awards for his delectable desserts. Rushion credits some of his rapid kitchen success to the Smart Scale. He says baking is a type of therapy for relaxing after a long day in the studio or on the road – the device is small and easy to pack and can be used for several no-bake recipes when traveling.


McDonald, a Houston, Texas native, didn’t spend much time in the kitchen while growing up. He began baking desserts only three years ago after being told to make a bundt cake as part of a pre-show superstitious prank. That life changing prank was the idea of his long time friend and one time business partner Steve Harvey and the program’s other executive producer Alex Douda (the former Chicago based “Steve Harvey Show.’ Currently taping in Los Angeles as “Steve.”).   (

Not knowing how to even start baking anything McDonald figured he would get five pounds of baking flour, five pounds of sugar, and also five pounds of what he terms “this that and the other” plus a bottle of vanilla to make his single bundt cake. He discovered such an overkill approach was ill-conceived and his kitchen was a disaster afterward, but the cake turned out okay as staff gobbled up his first bundt cake!

The smart scale, with its easy to follow apps, assists you with measuring teaspoon and cup counts as well as the familiar pinches and dashes of ingredients without having to pull out a bunch of mixing bowls. Rushion says just pour until you hear the bell sound.


The device lets you know when to stop to have the perfect measurements. Also, if you happened to have only a circle pan when the recipe calls for a square pan, or if you’re short of any particular ingredient – perhaps you have one egg instead of twothe Perfect Bake Smart Scale will do a little algebra configuring and adjusts the entire recipe. Rushion says you will still achieve a delicious full flavor tasting dessert. He boasts of another cool creative advantage of this recipe app. You just tell the smart scale what’s in your pantry and the device suggests types of desserts that are possible for you to make.


McDonald is currently working on new no-bake recipes – desserts made without an oven and new recipes for macaroni and cheese and soul food style salads.
He gives a precautionary heads up to everyone- his food is “full flavored with a whole lot of calories.” He jokes that you should “consult with your physician before sampling!”

McDonald shares with us that he often has conversations with God and that he believes his creator has been very very good to him – helping him to build many businesses. McDonald works to share a little wisdom with others to achieve their own perception of success. McDonald hosts a radio series featuring money making conversations. His two-hour live celebrity-driven show offers tips and inspirational talks about individual pursuits of happiness and dreams fulfilled. He even has a YouTube channel where he pushes everyone to “dream and dream big to achieve success, however that is defined to you.” (


McDonald cautions that career success can take a bit of time. He emphasizes that folks should “be consistent with beliefs, your ethics and work practices.” He jokes “going viral” is today considered cool but that it is only relative fame, and is very very fleeting – nothing replaces putting in the real work to have a foundation for lifelong achievement.” By achievement, he means being able to share life wisdom and give to others.

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(Photo credits for all pictures of Rushion McDonald are courtesy of Rushion McDonald)

March 01, 2017

Sleep Well While Traveling








Sleeping Well While Traveling

By Paul and Teresa Lowe -

Are you getting enough sleep especially while traveling and after long days at work?







Perhaps neither the bed or bedroom are the peaceful and relaxing sanctuary they should be for you.

Getting a great night's sleep is sometimes easier said than done and can be downright challenging for many. Ongoing sleep studies have led to innovative devices and techniques that offer help for the sleep weary traveler. One helpful device sampled during this year's CES Show (Consumer Electronics Show) is called 'Sleep Score.' (















This is a small wireless bedside travel size unit that monitors your sleep pattern. The machine is designed to provide information about your resting patterns and even suggests feedback. 'Sleep Score' readings include your body's activity measurements even after traveling through time zones, and offers feedback on whether you're properly hydrated or maybe have had too much caffeine during waking hours.









Why Sleep Is Vital

Not getting a proper amount rest for your body can possibly lead to poor cognitive performance, poor memory and possible mood swings.

Sleep expert Michael Breus (PhD Clinical Psychologist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow with the Academy of Sleep Medicine- ( ) says, “a good night's sleep is vitally important for your health and overall life well-being.”








He says ongoing research suggests that “deep sleep brings healing” and calibration to your mind and body's muscles, nerves and other internal organs. Breus adds that after a great night of sleep he feels absolutely wonderful. The device and all of its associated research has captured the attention of many physicians including surgeon and TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz.
















Efforts are underway among sleep experts to unify research data. The folks with The National Sleep Foundation, ( and The Sleep Monitoring Standards ( say standardizing sleep health science will significantly advance techniques for everyone to find health rejuvenating rest especially as more segments of our society operates on a 24-hour cycle and proper rest becomes imperative for the success of such a society.








Helpful Sleep Technology

1) Cool glasses that emit blue light ( Such light helps with jet lag and modifies the body's the melatonin faucet.






2) Light bulbs the emit a soothing color that permits the body to gradually relax (
















3) Electronic mattresses the measure your body temperature and suggest ways to modify sleep positions (


















4) A topical sleep aid substance that when applied with electrical sound apparatus rapidly induces the body to slow down brain activity for deep stage rest (


















You should make the time to have a wind-down routine to help you relax before bed, and put your day to rest. Aim to stop your work/activity at least 60-90. The average amount of sleep for an adult is around seven to eight hours a night. But sleep experts say that there is not yet a normal length of time. As standards for sleep are being studied and formalized, the emphasis for now, seems to be whatever is natural for you to feel well rested is

January 06, 2017

Smart Pill Box – Traveling Technology to help take medications by Paul and Teresa Lowe



Forgetting to set the DVR or take out the trash might be an annoyance but forgetting to take your medication could have far more serious health consequences, and heaven forbid - even deadly.


A new tech invention known as the Smart Pill Box by Memo Box ( is a device designed to replace the often clumsy seven-day plastic pill boxes. The Smart Pill Box works in conjunction with your smart phone and an accompanying app.

Inventors say the Smart Pill Box is especially helpful as a reminder to take medicines either before or after a meal...something crucial to pharmaceutical effectiveness. Pricing starts at $29.00 and up.

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