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Being Mary Jane Movie Finale. An Interview with Morris Chestnut By Paul & Teresa Lowe

Being Mary Jane Movie Finale. An Interview with Morris Chestnut By Paul & Teresa Lowe

“The one thing about this particular role, that I'm playing (Beau) on “Being Mary Jane”... is that the character, I believe inspires hope...” Morris Chestnut shares that having such a critical role of the two-hour movie finale of the long-running, award-winning BET series, “Being Mary Jane” is an honor and also so much fun. “Being Mary Jane” is the story of a successful and very ambitious African American female TV news anchor Mary Jane Paul and her often tricky career navigation with personalities on the job and with her quirky family living initially in Atlanta and later in New York City. Since the debut in 2013, the show developed a worldwide following of loyal fans. Chestnut and Union have worked together before on other projects. He says their “on-screen chemistry is basically fun magic”: A few hours after the sunrise on a delightful spring morning we enjoyed a conversation with Mr. Chestnut, who was in New York. We learned just how truly charming, gracious and professional he is about his career, colleagues and personal life. Chestnut sharing that she, 'Mary Jane Paul,' played Gabrielle Union, is in a particular circumstance on the show finale. Mary Jane is pregnant with the father's identity uncertain initially and there's a crucial decision ahead of her. Chestnut also says that he hopes that any woman who finds themselves walking a similar path will understand that there is a way forward with inspiration...never give into hopelessness. The series finale of 'Being Mary Jane' airs initially April 23, 2019, on BET. Morris Chestnut is a working Hollywood actor. You can enjoy his incredible on-screen performance in the TV series “The Enemy Within.” Chestnut plays a federal agent who suffers the loss of his fiance' from a treasonous act of a former CIA agent, who he now has to team with to solve crimes. The show keeps you guessing what will happen next.

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