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A Chili & Winery Weekend in Buellton By Paul and Teresa Lowe –

Say the words wine and spicy chili together as a pairing on a food menu and you'll likely get a few turned up noses...what? This might sound a bit odd to some of you, but the combinations can be rather delicious. Truly outstanding!

The annual 'Chili and Wine Festival' at the 'Flying Flags RV' Resort in Buellton, located along the coastal Santa Rita Hills about 140 miles north of LA (A One Tank Getaway), draws major crowds of adventurous souls from all parts of the state wanting to push their palates to a new paradigm of appreciation.

Add live music, some impromptu dancing, local wines--Pinot, Cabernet, Shiraz, Rose', wine blends, specialty brews and you have the makings of a grand party on the lawn and a whole lot of family-friendly socializing.

Kathy Vreeland with Buellton's Chamber of Commerce says sharing the town's spirit of friendliness is the neighborly thing to do and it's just fun. I think we all have in our minds how great chili should roasted peppers, bold spice blends, tri-tip roasts, or vegan recipes both blazing hot and mild and sometimes bits of fruit added. Buellton's Chili and Wine Festival's samples are all of this plus a great deal more! The chili favorites are judged by way of blind tasting among the festival goers.

This forward thinking community of about five-thousand people was once known primarily as a dairy region. Perhaps the area's most famous landmark is the 'Pea Soup Andersen's Restaurant and Inn.' Operators have been serving up meals and lodging to folks traveling along Highway 101 since the 1920s. The property, along with the nearby 'Sideways Inn' with the giant windmill have been seen in numerous Hollywood movies.

With our state's delightful weather for much of the year, chances are rather good that there is a festival weekend somewhere!

A few days ago while relaxing and doing some story writing at a regional campsite, we were noticing just how popular One Tank Getaways in RV's seem to have become. If you haven't seen the new generation mobil homes yet you're in for a real treat. Present-day RV's are spacious and even glamorous-kinda like a mini hotel on wheels.

Anytime can be the right time for a great Wine, Chili, and Beer getaway. More about Camping and RV's and in a future series - 'Which Camping Style is Right For You.'

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