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Roswell- Celebration of a UFO?

by Paul and Teresa Lowe,

It's often said that everyone loves a good story, a head scratching mystery. In the southern desert of New Mexico sits the city of Roswell - a small community of folks who embrace perhaps, one the greatest sci-fi mysteries ever - "was it really a flying saucer that crashed or landed outside of town in the summer of 1947?"

2017 marked the 70th anniversary of what's known as the “Roswell Incident." Roswell hosted its annual festival celebration which attracted more than 100-thousand visitors and 'believers' from around the world!

The festival is a really fun event, sort of like a Halloween and Comic Con. The faces you see and folks in costumes you meet are out of this world entertaining especially as you enjoy novelty foods, light parades and seemingly endless conversations about UFOs.

The Roswell saga started when folks say a mysterious object streaked across the sky and hit the ground 70 miles outside of town in July of 1947. Since then there's been speculation about extra terrestrial beings, claims by witnesses of something strange occurring, and wild theories about that July day. The U-S military says there was no incident, no flying saucer landing but rather a weather balloon intended to detect possible Soviet atomic bomb testing. That's the official government story.

The Jesse Marcel Family

That summer of 1947 Army Air Corps Major Jesse Marcel Sr landed in the middle of what has become science-fiction of science fact folklore. Marcel examined what he described as a few flimsy metal-like materials scattered about the ranch of Mac Brazel. Marcel showed some of the pieces to his wife and son. Marcel Sr, before he died, and his family to this day continue to claim that whatever came down onto the property was NOT man-made military technology.

Speaking with Marcel's grand-daughter Denice Marcel, she shares a sense of peace about her family's legacy surrounding the Roswell incident. She says, "folks should believe as they choose." She adds that "it's arrogant of us to think that in the entire universe we're the only ones claiming to be of intelligent thinking." Marcel says she sometimes wonders, "what kind of other life forms are out there and if she will ever meet someone unlike us."

(Photo of Denice Marcel Courtesy of Ms. Denice Marcel)

Denice Marcel, a businesswoman and professional, in southern California, grew up knowing that people sometimes whispered unkind things about her grandfather. Those who knew her father sometimes even called him the 'UFO Doctor.'

(Photo of Jesse Marcel Jr. is courtesy of Ms. Denice Marcel)

The whispering eventually grew loud enough over the decades to garner the attention of the U.S. Congress. Denice Marcel has appeared before multiple congressional committees sharing her family's story. Marcel continues to share her story worldwide to anyone who wishes to hear.

(3 Photos above, Of Denice, Jesse III and Jesse Marcel Jr are courtesy of Ms. Denice Marcel)

Whether you believe or doubt the 'Roswell Incident' visiting the community of Roswell is a real treat. As some there say, come for the 'aliens' then stay for the family fun and hospitality.

More next time on where to stay, play and eat well while in Roswell, New Mexico.

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