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Find Paradise in Puerto Vallarta

Imagine your perfect adventure and relaxation getaway trip. Where would that be and what would you see? Would you see a bay shore with inviting sandy beaches surrounded by mountains? How about a vision of gleaming morning sunlight rippling in the Pacific Ocean waves as dolphins play in the surf. Would you see yourself sipping on a cocktail as honeymooners walk hand in hand as a magenta and golden color sunset gracefully melts into the horizon?

All of this is real in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You find paradise here! (

Visiting Puerto Vallarta now you discover the Old Town region is rejuvenating its enchanting village-like beauty while maintaining it's familiar seaside Mexican charm. This part of town is often referred to as the place of romance or Zona Romantica. It is here you find wonderfully eclectic art galleries, street craftsmen and women, musicians, cafes, and beachfront restaurants. This modest size city really comes alive when the sun lays down. Live bars, hot nightclubs, and open-air shows highlight the Malecón strip. Party On!


This time around we venture about town on a walking 'Vallarta Taco Tour.' This is one of those really cool opportunities to see the town up close and to indulge yourself with fresh produce and meats. Publicly served foods are strictly regulated by the Mexican government. This is authentic family comfort food that is enjoyed by the folks of Puerto Vallarta.

Another wonderful treat is taking part in Chef Julio Cesar' real world cooking class at the 'Restaurant Gaby ( .' The experience is not only fun but off the scale palate-pleasing tasty! You don't just walk into his restaurant and sit down for a class. Nope, Chef Julio takes you market shopping through town (walking three short street blocks) with him for the ingredients to prepare, grind, brew and grill your own aromatic and flavorful 5-course meal.

Chef Julio and his family pride themselves on making certain that you enjoy a memorable meal! He says that he wants you to “walk away the table feeling you've 'lived a full day, enjoyed a wonderful meal with genuinely friendly conversation” – all made extra special with a taste of fine tequila.

Fine dinning on the beach is a real treat especially when ocean waves lap only a few feet from you table in the sand. It makes for a romantic setting at the La Palapa Restaurant. The snapper fish, coconut shrimp, tuna and oysters are spot-on fresh and decadently wonderful. As you enjoy a great meal and conversation ask your server to suggest an after dinner cocktail as local Mariachi players serenade guests to cap a pleasant evening in Puerto Vallarta (


Ocean facing rooms, two pools plus swim-up bar, restaurants, beautifully groom walkways to the warm surf is part of a getaway statement of the Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel And Romantic Getaway ( It's a short 5-minute walk along cobblestone streets from the historic Church of Our Lady Guadalupe in Old Town and the boardwalk plaza. This is one of those places where you just might say, 'oh my! I didn't expect this.' The Villa Premiere is an all-inclusive adult luxury stay experience in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. The 80 exquisite guest rooms and suites range from more than enough to really spectacular to fit your dream desire. (There is a sister property for all members of the family. (, (

What's also cool about staying here is that you never really have to leave the property to get anything. But if you chose to venture out, you can walk, bike, or taxi to the nearby plaza - site of the world famous seahorse. Senior Alessandro Stifani, the General Manager at the four diamond rated Villa Premiere Hotel, says he wants “every guest to have a luxurious home away from home adventure - take in the fun slowly, disconnect and adjust your reality.”

From the moment of arrival, you're spoiled by the regal service of the staff who whisk you away into a world of relaxation and pampering. You're greeted with a warm smile, a cold towel for your face, a 5-minute stress relief massage, then relax a little more with a glass of chilled champagne.

Exquisite cuisine and out of this world mixology cocktails served poolside is also part of the experience. If you feel like a light about trying the cinnamon roasted crickets. Really, they taste like popcorn! There's even a class about mixing cocktails.

It gets warm in Puerto Vallarta. Sometimes the shade of a cabana is just what the therapist prescribes. You can do as Derek and Shawn from Houston say, “just chill-laxing --catch up with ya'll later.”

If you plan a destination wedding, Villa Premiere Hotel Resort and Spa operators truly provide everything you might need to live those moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Staying during the week and off-season brings amazing pricing to extend your stay.


Just minutes from Puerto Vallarta's beaches is the rugged mountain region. It's here you enjoy the wildly exhilarating, but safe, four hour on all terrain vehicles with Canopy Tours ( ).

Let loose as you roll past scenic waterfalls, roll across one of the longest suspended bridges in Puerto Vallarta. Then, catch your breath to fly along a super fast Zip-Line. For a more leisurely trek back to the village you hitch a ride aboard a really slow walking sure footed friendly donkey. Take plenty of pictures! Wrap you adventure with lunch and of course more tequila!

One of the best ways to explore Puerto Vallarta's bay is taking an afternoon yacht tour. One the group excursion you see jumping dolphins, exotic fish, seabirds on intriguing ocean rock formations and folks just living life playing in the ocean or just hang out along a secluded beach cove. (name of boat excursion ) Part of the tour includes fresh ceviche and our course tequila. (

A visit to Puerto Vallarta should include a ride to the high country for a nature hike. Off Road Adventures Echo Tour ( gives you access to a special part of Mexico to experience indigenous plants, grasses, exotic flowers and even insects that typically aren't seen in the city areas. You can hike a trail and through a pueblo once belonging to a people who lived long, long before modern day records. Walking about you might feel a sense of awe at the presence of the region's forest. After an invigorating hike, enjoy an al fresco lunch by a stream under a canopy of trees.

This part of the world was once the land of the ancient Maya civilization and also others. Mexico is rich with history, incredibly friendly and beautiful people, delicious foods, cities, plus an enchanting culture.

Puerto Vallarta is an outstanding Bucket List Getaway! Find Paradise in Puerto Vallarta.

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