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The New Edition Story is Captivating

In a week in which the R&B group 'New Edition' receives a star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, members also celebrate the premiere a movie chronicling their celebrated rise to fame.

From the opening scene of the three part BET mini series you're taken to a Bobby Brown concert, as you're also given a glimpse of a group rivalry (Bell, Biv, DeVoe) happening directly off stage. What unfolds is a rather engaging and raw tale of how five adolescent boys from Boston's Orchard Park projects came together in the early 1980's forming 'New Edition.'

Elements of New Edition's saga is sadly familiar in show business. Still, the cast of veteran actors and new comers give really wonderful performances. What's also cool about the mini series is the great music-some of the actors really sing full versions of the group's songs.

Some members of 'New Edition,' present at the red carpet premier at Paramount Studio Los Angeles, say they're happy to finally share with fans “all of their truth” - their joys, heartbreaks, financial ruin and their forever bound of brotherhood.

The 'New Edition Story' airs January 24th to 26th, 2017 at 9pm on BET. (

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