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Enjoying the Suite Life off of the Las Vegas Strip

Enjoying The Suite Life off of the Las Vegas Strip-

Grandeur, luxury and a cool vibe finds a home off of the Las Vegas Strip in the new Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino. The revamping of the hotel (formerly the Lady Luck Casino) located along 3rd Street and East Ogden Avenue seems to suggest that it serves as an anchor of the renaissance taking place in the historic neighborhood. The two Grand Hotel Casino residence towers are a block from the the renown Fremont Experience Open Mall. The area is becoming a hip place for some locals to hang out. In the evening the mall area becomes a bit of a street carnival. There are folks dressed in costumes, paint and sculpture artists, a hilarious puppeteers whose characters include the likeness of Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr. There are also a few incredible sidewalk musicians. When you visit the downtown neighborhood don't pass up a chance to ride the zip-line across the mall. Wow what a rush!

During our recent visit to the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino we found the grounds and the people to be inviting and genuinely friendly. Upon arrival we were greeted by a very courteous young female valet who graciously gave us directions to room registration and also a quick highlight of the property's amenities. That was a very nice surprise. The hotel's City Suite is absolute dreamy. The décor is reminiscent of the bright and colorful swinging 1960's but with the added splash of today's boutique style comforts. This 720 square foot suite is really quite nice. Everything you might want for a comfortable stay is here. For an even more delightful home away from home suite-life excursion the hotel offers a larger 1120 square foot suite. The Grand Suite, as it known, comes with separate bedroom quarters, a bar, a spa and large family and friends gathering space and a pretty sensational view of area. There is no charge for a Wi-Fi connection at this hotel, hurray! There is also both casual and fine dinning offered at this property. For folks who enjoy spending part of their day in and by the water, the hotel offers a roof top pool (shallow 4 feet) with cabanas and very attentive bar and drink service. As we mentioned earlier, the new Grand Hotel has a fun and friendly boutique atmosphere. The casino area is small but it's filled with all of the popular games and machines that make Las Vegas so much fun for so many people. It's just a One Tank Getaway drive from Los Angeles. We had a lot of fun and find the level of luxury accommodations offered as very wallet friendly.

The Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino is also across the street from the renowned Mob Museum. This place is like taking a “way-back time machine ride” to all things of old Las Vegas. It features everything from the origins of some of the town's gambling casinos, over the top glitzy lounge shows, law enforcement G-men and their clashes with organized crime mobsters. You gotta check it out!

Enjoying the Suite Life Off of The Las Vegas Strip- Red Rock Hotel

Take a quick 11 mile drive west of the Las Vegas Strip along Interstate 215 and there you will find the desert oasis The Red Rock Hotel Casino in the community of Summerland. The setting of this 70 acre property blends in almost perfectly with the nearby picturesque Red Rock Canyon area. Not even top Hollywood set designers could create such as awesome backdrop for hotel guests. One of the first things we noticed when entering the hotel is the lighting. Natural light peers inside nicely creating a warm inviting home like atmosphere especially in the registration desk and the adjacent hospitality lounge.

During our stay we rested quite well in one of the Signature Suites. The space is more than a one-thousand square feet. We find the room's color scheme of rich burgundy and dark tones actually kinda soothing. The king size bed topped with super soft Egyptian cotton sheets is dreamy, lulling you into a truly restful night's sleep. There are also more luxurious apartment size suites with incredible amenities that are fit for a head of state. There is a zen, tropical rain forest like atmosphere spa for guests. There are clothing and jewelry boutiques, a food court, a fine dining restaurant, a movie theater, gaming machines and tables, a kids day care center for guests and even the most posh bowling lounge and bar that we've every seen. Some professional sports stadium's don't offer sky boxes on the caliber of this kind of luxury. To paraphrase the Red Rock Hotel Management, “should you desire luxury and comfort, “we've already thought of it, and yes we have that too, just ask us.” After spending a couple of days here we didn't want to leave. We find this property fabulous and a must stay for a One Tank Getaway.

Enjoying the Suite Life Off of The Las Vegas Strip- Rio All Suite Hotel Casino

The Rio is an iconic area hotel located a short hop west of the famous Las Vegas Strip and west of Interstate 15. This hotel is identified by its Red and Blue Glass siding. This property is quite large but inside has a very friendly vibe. This hotel is the host casino for the World Series of Poker, and most recently the National Basketball Association's (NBA) first ever Player's Award Show.

We find some of the folks who work here are quite down to earth and pleasant. Talking with some of the veteran employees is enjoyable. Just everything that you might want to know about Las Vegas is at their fingertips. They tell us that they've seen and heard just about everything, so no matter how outrageous a guests' requests might seem they don't flinch but offer friendly guidance. It's kinda refreshing to watch them in action. As mentioned this a large hotel. There are more than 25-hundred suites. The suites stretch from a spacious 600 square feet to a whopping 13-thousand square feet. Each one of them is very well appointed to make your stay fabulous. For true gamers/gamblers this property is a gem. When you're hungry and if you have a big appetite this hotel has something for just about everyone. We dinned at the Buffet. As the expression goes the best expressive words that come to mind are “oh my goodness.” Delicious doesn't begin to describes some of the dishes offered at this seemingly endless array of food fare. All of the familiar table games are here along with the wildest electronic gaming machines anywhere in the world. The Rio All Suites Hotel, like many properties in town, are constantly updating and improving the guest experiences.

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