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Romantic Ski Weekend in Whistler BC

A Romantic Escape to Whistler BC, Canada

Come for the skiing – stay a lifetime. It's a popular saying among locals. Are you ready to be in awe? You'll likely find yourself repeatedly saying “wow” as you look upon beautiful rugged mountain peaks, towering pine trees, wildlife, lakes, rivers and streams that shimmer reflections of moon and sun light. Strolling through the enchanting village of Whistler you quickly understand why so many visitors return again and again with some even becoming permanent locals. In Whistler you just might discover the unexpected and realize a charm that seems to be interwoven through out this community.

Romantic and Fun Places to Dine

After a long day on the luscious powder snow ski slopes (winter) or hiking and fishing in the country side (summer) you can build up quite an appetite. There are incredible restaurants in which to dine that surely will satisfy even the most discriminating taste pallets.Topping the suggested list of favorites among some locals and visitors include the Beacon Pub and Eatery, Wild Wood Bistro and Bar. Walking about and having conversations with people in the village can give you a real sense of the town's attitude. Margaret, a transplant from New Zealand, raved about the Basalt Grill and the Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar. She said, “they're like nothing you've tried before.” Wow, she was right. The premium cheese plate and the leg of lamb served at the Basalt are spot-on-special, tender and wildly flavorful comfort food. The Araxi is definitely a happening-- a five star fine dinning extravaganza. On master chief James Walt's menu are fresh raw oysters with caviar or crème fraiche served to you within a few short hours of being harvested from ocean for outstanding freshness. Seared scallops topped with a hint of orange glaze will send your mouth into full sensational mode. The dish that sends taste buds into blissful foodie heaven is the pepper crusted, Okanagen apple roast loin of venison...uhmm, uhmm, oh my goodness! Unsure of which wine to choose? No worries, the house sommelier can suggest perfect wine pairings for you meal choice. A dish that every visitor to the village should try is the Poutine. This combination of french fries, cheese curds,light brown gravy and bites of chicken is rather filling- delicious happy hour cuisine.

Whistler is pleasantly very wallet friendly. The U-S Dollar exchange rate compared to the Canadian Dollar is quite favorable for Americans (as of this writing.) Just about everything that's often said about the town seems to be true. Many folks of Whistler are genuinely friendly. The Whistler village is drenched in an international hospitality vibe.

A Romantic Place to Stay

A roaring fireplace in the lobby, beautifully appointed décor, cushy sofas and servings of apple cider greet guests and visitors at the Crystal Lodge and Suites--charm central of Whistler. When in Whistler you're strongly encouraged to pause, to “digitally detached and go full on stress free.” Your mind and body could likely benefit from a few hours of slowing down and smelling the high mountain meadows. Guest's rooms are very nicely furnished. Some rooms offer true comforts of home--a sofa and chairs, soaker tub, fireplace, mini refrigerator, microwave oven with dishware, WiFi hook up, views of the village and mountains that'll have you gazing out in delight. The room's bed is rather dreamy. It's firm but not hard. The mattress feels as though angels themselves designed it for optimum comfort. Perhaps a good description is to say the bed is like sleeping on a big heavenly floating cloud...ahhh!

Fun Things to Do

Canada was the host country of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Want to feel like an Olympian? For a thrill that's sure to exhilarate the very core of your body try packing yourself, along with three others, into an official Olympic size gravity powered bobsleigh then race down a twisting ice track with horizontal wall faces and hitting speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. The one minute ride pushes your soul's threshold between fear and fun right to the edge! Don't worry, the Whistler Sliding Centre adventure company folks make certain you enjoy the bobsleigh ride SAFELY....whew! (Cost-less than 200 Dollars, Canadian.)

Seeing the high rugged back country of Whistler is incredible during a hike, as you breath the crisp clear mountain air, but doing so on a personal size snow-mobile is a remarkable adventure via The Adventure Group (winter months.) You get to see so much more hidden away quiet forest. A guide leads you through narrow ridges alongside gentle rushing streams and lakes where you see birds and other wildlife kinda close up as they go about their day in nature's paradise. Halfway through your trek there is a rest stop at a warm cabin to fill up on coffee, hot chocolate and snacks. If you feel like sharing your snacks, some of the birds fly down out of their tree nests to eat right out of your hand—really cool! (Cost- Wallet Friendly)

A romantic stay anywhere in the world would not be complete without a visit to a spa. Locals suggest the Scandinave Hot Spa in Whistler. As the name indicates this grand spa includes hot and cold water pools, warm waterfalls a jacuzzi right in the heart of nature- the Whistler forest. The folks here seem to have good knowledge of hydrotherapy treatments. You're pampered with relaxing eucalyptus infused steam baths, wood burning saunas and body messages. You should allow a few hours to take in the experience. Some of the locals say to optimizing the experience of relaxing and invigorating muscles is to first warm up in the steam room, then jump quickly into the icy cold bath, next sit in the warm whirlpool bath, then the saunas and finish with a body message. Operators of the spa tell us this traditional practice works wonders for relaxing the body while riding it of chemical toxins and it helps to release body endorphins. We're told that this process aids in the increase of overall wellness. Experiencing the spa feels like a dream from which you don't want to awaken. (Cost-a little more than 100 Dollars, US)

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